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In this financial environment, we have the expertise you need 

The challenges today are perhaps more perplexing than ever: entrenched inflation, stock market volatility, geopolitical unrest, and talk / fear of a recession or worse.  We can help you navigate these turbulent financial waters to achieve your goals.  

With our over 40 years of experience and acquired knowledge, we know that we can tailor a custom plan for you.

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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe everyone needs financial planning and the decision is whether to do it yourself (and you certainly can) or to get help (coaching).

We take an educational approach to working with our clients that has proven most beneficial in times of stress.

With the discipline and accountability of working with a financial advisor, we believe you are more likely to achieve your goals.

Our Process

Our Process

We start with a disciplined approach to first understand you, your risk tolerance, and your goals.   

We then gather comprehensive data to know your current state and resources.

Then and only then will we begin to craft a plan with unique strategies using our 40 years of learning and experience to do so.

As an independent fee based advisor, we have the latitude to implement these strategies and monitor the progress towards your goals.



Our depth of knowledge and information may be without equal.

Here are some resources to help with your financial decisions. 

However, your best resource may be to simply consult with:

 Don Kuhs ChFC, CLU, AEP, CSA

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Words of Wisdom

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

- Benjamin Franklin

Our motivation for doing what we do at IFPC

“ We take great pride, and achieve a sense of satisfaction, in helping people to get from where they are to where they want to be.”

- Don Kuhs

Welcome to the family!

Welcome to the family!

When you work with IFPC, you're part of our family.  We always want and have developed lasting meaningful relationships with our clients. 

We believe the best advice and strategies come from knowing and understanding our clients better than perhaps anyone else. 

Your goals are our goals.

Your goals are our goals.

We strive to act in your best interest and disclose where conflicts of interest may occur.  As fee-based registered investment advisor representatives, we take seriously the obligation to provide advice and products that are in the best interests of our clients.

That's our fiduciary responsibility to you!

Together we will monitor your progress and adapt your financial plan as needed to stay on the path towards your goals.

We go with you, wherever the road of life takes you.

We go with you, wherever the road of life takes you.

From accumulation for (and perhaps more importantly through) the primary goal of retirement, Integrated Financial Planning Center has the knowledge and expertise to hopefully assure your success.

Over the years, we have acquired a particular expertise in alternatives to the stock market that will expand your choices beyond what most other financial advisors recommend. 

This is perhaps one of our most distinguishing characteristics that enables us to hopefully enhance inflation protected returns while reducing taxation.  

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